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What Type Are You?

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Do You Know Your Blood Type?

What’s your blood type? Not everyone knows this off the top of their head, but it’s surprisingly useful—during medical emergencies, only certain blood types can help you.

If you ever need a blood transfusion for an injury or major surgery, the blood you receive must be compatible with your own blood type. Antigens in blood that are different from your own can trigger an immune response in your body, which can be fatal. That’s why it’s so important first responders, nurses and other hospital staff know your unique blood type right away.

Vitalant is offering all first-time donors an initial screening test. Preliminary results are available in minutes at every donation center.

Just make an appointment to donate blood, show up and ask your donor care specialist. It’s really that simple!

Finding out your blood type is a great way to learn something really cool about yourself and save lives in the process.

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